Unipros has all features necessary to take care of your business

Unipros has all features necessary to take care of your business

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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

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Unipros Accounting System


Paperless Filing/Security

Our solution uses purely 100 percent 256bit hack proof encryptions that banks use to keep our files and records secured and intact. We truly understand the mindset of employees and with many years of research we can boast of being one company that can combat fraud in any organization. Though the details are not to be discussed on this paper. Our solution offers companies and government the ability to store all documents electronically and to retrieve in seconds with related names and descriptions. It totally eliminates the need for a file cabinet.

Customer Relations Database for Different Companies


The benefits of a well-structured and well encrypted database cannot be overstated as this is the strength of Unipros Solution.

Our solution has the capacity to build a detailed and dynamic customer database with unlimited number of customers and customizable fields. It keeps track of all customers and is able to relate to them through personalized emails, Robocalls and SMS carefully designed to promote your brand. With our advanced methodology and implementations, we are able to generates ID code with different symbology, badges and can also read magnetic chips of different ID’s like National ID, Driver’s License and use it to create a record within 2 seconds. Our database checks for duplicate files which can help even the state governments ascertain for sure without fraud the accurate data of any ministry or parastatals at a click of a button.



Many big organizations, the state Government house, the state secretariat, the state stadium etc should have our unique Human Traffic Security Program. This helps to keep records, print badges ( for visitors ), track their movement, take snap shots of visitors ( without them knowing ), keep inventory of how many people that went in and how many went out and this information is kept per individuals and can be recalled with ease which will be of immense help during any form of emergency or disaster.

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Projects/Task Management

Our task and project management help companies to see the various tasks assigned and to whom they were assigned and also measure performance. This will also eliminate duplication of tasks, remove confusion attributed to it, and help to reference Tasks assigned in the past, by so doing it will create an effective task operational Management system that will be well organized. And all these can be retrieved at the click of a button.

Assets Management


Our system helps you manage your assets and calculate their depreciation, thereby providing you with the actual value of your assets over time. It also has the ability to keep a record of documents and pictures related to every asset.

Easy Interface


Employee management

It handles details of each and every employee with pictures, resume, appointment letters, and biodata. It keeps track of the activities of every employee and compels good work ethics as it clocks in employees at the beginning of work each day and clocks them out when they are not working. It keeps record of the total input of every employee into the company and ensures that employees earn their keep. It files queries and commendations written to the employees.


Audit Trail

The program tracks every keystroke of the employee unbeknownst to the employee making it impossible for employees to deny any responsibility in areas of default while giving the manager ultimate access to view and retrieve employees’ activities.


Business Performance Charts

Our system has the capability of presenting your overall business performance, and in the department through a unique and easily interpreted pictorial form. This allows the business owner to have immediate information on the progress of the business. At the click of a button, the user can have a knowledge of his revenue, gross income, best seller products, best performing staff, and so on. Our system also provides you with the ability to compare products based on their performances.


Hotel management.

The hotel version of Unipros Solutions as other versions of our state-of-the-art solution has the ability to collect customer database, company transaction details, and store same for later retrieval.

Business owners will now have a peace of mind knowing that with a click of a button they can see what is in the storehouse, view the company’s daily profit and loss and monitor overall cash-flow in their hotels.


Kitchen and Bar Monitor

The kitchen and bar monitor makes it easier to take orders and this delivers alert instantly to the kitchen and bar respectively as the order is being taken and tracks the number of minutes that elapsed before delivery. And also allows the kitchen and bar department to retrieve at a glance, the desired description, and specification of orders made.


Password Keeper

This module allows the owner to keep track of all the websites that he visits that requires a password. It can help you connect to the site and shows you the password and keeps track of changed passwords. This can hold unlimited number of websites and passwords and you can set up one password to access this page to avoid unauthorized access.


Owners Page

This is a page reserved for the owner with a special password known to only him. This page keeps track of every deleted files, who deleted them and other secrete details that makes it impossible for managers or employees to manipulate or defraud the company. The owner has the ability to print detailed report of refunds, deleted items with date range sorted by employees. It also comes with a lot of fiscal security details etc. and can take pictures of files being deleted, take picture of the employee deleting the file and write a comprehensive report that is only seen by the owner. Wow! There are no more reasons for time and resource consuming investigation on ill practices obtainable in a business organization.


Promo Module and Loyalty Card System:

The promo module allows a company to set dynamic incentives for their customers, for example, the owner can offer free lunch, or at any price they wish to customer that makes ten purchases; our system will track customer’s purchases, remind them of how many more purchases left to win the set prize and will issue the voucher once the set number is actualized. This incentive could be a motivating factor that compels customers to give their names and phone number.

Unipros solution loyalty card system recognizes loyal clients and customers of a business and compensates their loyalty in credit form. Every loyal customer wants to be recognized for his loyalty, and our loyalty card system takes perfect care of that.

Point of sale for bar and restaurant management


It also has the ability to split payments within a single invoice stating in a summarize accounting pattern the persons involved in the split payments and the amount each of them has paid for. Wow! This is incredible!

The manager is able to monitor transactions at point of sales like the bar and restaurant. With a unique ability to print checks/receipts at the point of sales and keep track of all transactions at the end of the day. Unipros business manager also has the ability to keep a record of the details of products sold, stock left and by whom. It is also able to print a balance sheet of the day’s transactions.

Our unique point of sale system has the added advantage of helping the salesman handle multiple orders with ease even at rush hours and yet work with relatively less pressure and greater efficiency. Our point of sale manages tables, a feature that has never been addressed by any other POS system out there, making it possible for you not only to manage sales generally but also the tables as it is the case in some common Nigerian businesses such as restaurants, bars, eateries, and a few others, and can suspend orders and print comprehensive invoice at the end of customer stay.

Lost and found tracking


This provides the front desk with the ability to log in lost items and valuables recovered from the hotel rooms and similar business environments such, and the recovered items could be seen at a glance on a page with details of recovery and delivery.


The valuable module can keep track of customer’s valuables with pictures and document delivery information as needed.

Enhanced work productivity across different Offices, Ministries, Parastatals, and Department

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With the help of our Clock-in system that is virtually impossible to manipulate, workers productivity will skyrocket leading to a vibrant workforce. Workers will no longer come to work late or leave their work premises to some other personal errands. As the system records every worker’s clock-ins and clock outs, and this also helps to calculate accurately the actual work pay of every worker. Our time card or clock system surreptitiously takes the picture of whoever that clocks in and out making it impossible for workers to cheat by giving employees their badge for unauthorized clock-in.

Anti-fraud integration with many levels of privileges


The program offers many levels of security. Every company staff using the package must log in with a username and password with specified levels of privileges and access. This allows the manager the ability to assign employees the privileges to be able to either delete or edit a file depending on the employee’s designation and rank. With every employee identified by a username, the manager or CEO is able to keep a track on his personnel’s activities and be able to identify who did what and at what time.

Email retrieval and SMS alerts


With SMTP setup, this program can send SMS alerts to customers at the owner’s request and can also send promotional emails and SMS to customers. The program, as a marketing and public relations tool can also send emails and SMS to customers for season’s greetings, birthday wishes, wedding anniversary felicitation, new products and services and much more. Simply put, this program is unequivocally the simplest and most powerful program any company can acquire in recent times. It is nearly impossible to find any question or concern that this program does not address about running a business, thus making it the best package ever developed.

Elimination of Ghost workers:


The bad effect of ghost workers in our different ministries and parastatals is not only a cankerworm to the state funds but also a bad manure to the continuous growth of unemployment. With the help of our biometric/face ID-based system, the state government will have a reliable database of different ministries and parastatals.

Unipros Solution is a software developing and multi-dimensional company, blazing the trail in the ever-evolving management software. We have our corporate offices in Los Angeles California and Lagos Nigeria.
Unipros Solution is a software developing and multi-dimensional company, blazing the trail in the ever-evolving management software. We have our corporate offices in Los Angeles California and Lagos Nigeria.
Los Angeles Address: 13527 Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Nigeria Office: 15B Kudirat Abiola way (Near Ojota bus stop) Ikeja, Lagos.
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