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We wish to introduce top-of-the-range business software for high-flying entrepreneurs with enhanced functionalities tailored to increase productivity and conveniently manage personnel and resources.

This program has been designed to optimize operations in Hotels with advanced inventory management and transaction monitoring capabilities; built on a state-of-the-art platform with 256bit data encryption that banks use for peace of mind. Other details are:

Invoice and Inventory:

Inventory: The high point of this program is the advanced inventory management system which offers many advantages than other supposed leading inventory management programs. Unipros Solutions offers hotels the ability to manage their inventory in real time with order limits and re-order levels which prevents you from selling what you do not have in stock. The program warns and alerts the user that it is time to re-order and re-stock. It can also prepare re- order purchase order with the exact amount needed to replenish the inventory ready for the accountant. When needed by a customer, the UNIPROS SOLUTIONS can compile a PDF of the company catalogue with pictures of all the services offered by the Hotel with description and prices and send to customers via email or printed. At the start of work the UNIPROS SOLUTIONS offers the first employee the option to print the beginning inventory and at the close of work, the ending inventory, such that it is easy to deduce what was sold and what is remaining reconciling same with cash at hand. The program is smart enough to prevent unauthorized users from making changes in the transaction records.

Invoicing: Bad Invoicing can ground any company. Unfortunately that is what is obtainable in the country today. Most companies, in the bid to save money print porous invoices and by so doing create leeway for corrupt employees to exploit the company. We are aware of this, which is why we have created an impenetrable invoicing system that ultimately saves Millions in returns to  the company. Some of the benefits attached to the UNIPROS SOLUTIONS invoicing system are:
.Prevention of multiple invoicing without manager’s authorization.
Limiting discount levels by employees.
Hike prevention, compelling employees to sell at approved company’s price.
Deposit management with reserved amounts (Program ensures compliance with the hotel’s stipulated minimum deposit) If there are useable deposit, this fund becomes available to the customer at every pay point of the hotel.
Foreign currency converter, which gives the hotel management to sell foreign currencies at their own rate and can apply to room payment.
At the point of sales, the program automatically identifies and endorses the invoice with the salesperson’s name.

Barcode Reader: The invoice page offers the ability to sale products with a barcode reader making sales faster and easier.

Money Counter: We have included a money counter to make it easy to count different denominations of currency for accuracy.
One click invoice emailing to customer
One click invoice SMS to the customer phone

Income and expense management:

UNIPROS SOLUTIONS offers the ability to automatically post all company’s invoices, income and expenditure. It also offers the company the capability of printing a monthly or yearly audit report of the company. It also offers the manager the ability to email the company’s balance sheet to the boss at the end of the day’s transactions.

Room booking, reservations and maintenance with the ability to check conflicts:

At a glance of a page, the receptionist can see all the available rooms and the state of the rooms. From a page the front desk can tell which room needs cleaning and maintenance. It also keeps track of maintenance personnel details to each room to ensure timely service delivery. There is also the privilege of printing lodging reports for security purposes. Same page offers inventory details of every room in the hotel. This component of the program is hardly exhaustible in prints due to its flexibility and adaptability.
There is no need to take a customer to see a room; right from the front desk a receptionist can show pictures of the rented room and even video of the room.
Pricing System: Our system will let owners set different prices for weekends, holidays, and regular days including corporate pricing; our system will prevent abuse of this pricing as it checks the days being booked against the days intended.

Lost and found tracking: This provides the front desk with the ability to log in lost items recovered from the hotel rooms such that missing items and recovered items could be seen at a glance on a page with details of recovery and delivery.

Valuables: The valuable module can keep track of customer’s valuables with pictures and document delivery information as needed.
Point of sale for bar and restaurant management: The manager is able to monitor transactions at point of sales like the bar and restaurant. The program is able to print checks/receipts at the point of sales and keep track of all transactions at the end of the day with the ability to keep a record of the details of products sold and stock left and by whom. It is able to print a balance sheet of the day’s transactions. It has the added advantage of helping the salesman handle multiple orders with ease even at rush hours and yet work with relatively   less pressure and greater efficiency. Our point of sale manages tables and can suspend orders and print comprehensive invoice at the end of customer stay.

Employee management: It handles details of each and every employee with picture, resume, appointment letters and bio data. It keeps track of the activities of every employee and compels good work ethics as it clocks in employees at the beginning of work each day and clocks them out when they are not working. It keeps record of the total input of every employee into the company and ensures that employees earn their keep. It automatically files queries and commendations written to the employees.
Anti-fraud integration with many levels of privileges: The program offers many levels of security. Every company staff using the package must log in with a username and password with specified levels of privileges and access. This allows the manager the ability to assign employees the privileges to be able to either delete or edit a file depending on the employee’s designation and rank. With every employee identified by a username, the manager or CEO is able to keep a track on his personnel’s activities and be able to identify who did what and at what time. It also comes with a lot of fiscal security details etc.

Customer Database: The program has the capacity to build a detailed and dynamic customer database with unlimited number of customers and customizable fields. The benefits of this well- structured and encrypted database cannot be over emphasized. It keeps track of all customers and is able to relate to them through personalized emails and sms carefully designed to promote…

Scheduling: it has an advanced scheduling system that allows employees to schedule appointments for each other or the boss with ability to send automatic email notifications to any employee whose appointment is assigned. With this the company cannot forget or skip an appointment unknowingly as the program emails reminders to that effect.

Paperless filing: This offers the company  the capability to store every paper work that pertains to a customer within the customer’s database and store every electronic data for easy accessibility without going through a file cabinet. It totally eliminates the need for a file cabinet.

Audit Trail: The program tracks every keystroke of the employee unbeknownst to the employee making it impossible for employees to deny any responsibility in areas of default while giving the manager ultimate access to view and retrieve employees activities.
Email retrieval and sms alerts: With SMTP setup, this program can send sms alerts to customers at the owner’s request and can also send promotional emails and sms to customers. The program, as a marketing and public relations tool can also send emails and sms to customers for season’s greetings, birthday wishes, wedding anniversary felicitation and much more. Simply put, this program is unequivocally the simplest and most powerful program any company can acquire in recent times. It is nearly impossible to find any question or concern that this program does not address about running a business, thus making it the best package ever developed.

Unipros Solutions, is a computer software and programming company based in the United States of America and in Nigeria that designs customizable software for companies, individuals, and corporate organizations.

Promo Module: The promo module allows a company to set dynamic incentives for their customers, for example the owner can offer free lunch any price they wish to customer that makes ten purchases and our system will track same and will issue the voucher once the set number is actualized.

Owners Page: This is a page reserved for the owner with a special password known to only him. This page keeps track of every deleted files, who deleted them and other secrete details that makes it impossible for managers or employees to manipulate or defraud the company. The owner has the ability to print detailed report of refunds, deleted items with date range sorted by employees.

Kitchen and Bar Monitor: The kitchen and bar monitor makes it easier to take orders and this delivers alert instantly to the kitchen and bar respectively as the order is being taken and tracks the number of minutes that elapsed before delivery.

Password Keeper: This module allows the owner to keep track of all the websites that he visits that requires password. It can help you connect to the site and shows you the password and keeps track of changed passwords. This can hold unlimited number of websites and passwords and you can setup one password to access this page to avoid unauthorized access.

URL Tracker: This tracks all your favorite websites and history.
The hotel version of Unipros Solutions as other versions of our state-of-the-art solution has the ability to collect customer database, company transaction details and store same for later retrieval.
Business owners will now have a peace of mind knowing that with a click of a button they can see what is in the storehouse, view the company’s daily profit and loss and monitor overall cash-flow in their hotels.
We are constantly improving on the features of our program and offer periodic updates and have great support team that ensures that our clients are happy.